What was the first Chinese restaurant in the state when it opened in 1883?

In 1959, Reiko Weston opened Fuji-Ya, the first Japanese restaurant in Minnesota. Where was it located?

Who is Mhonpaj Lee?

Daljit "D.J." Sikka went on to open Taj Mahal, one of the first Indian restaurants in Minnesota, in 1970. What originally brought him from India to Minnesota in 1969 at the age of 19?

"Tri-color" is a popular term overheard at Southeast Asian restaurants and food stalls in the Twin Cities. What is it?

You can now buy bubble tea -- tea with tapioca "pearls" and served with big straws -- at the Mall of America and shops like Tea Garden. Where did bubble tea originate?

How did Asian supermarket and importer/distributor United Noodles in Minneapolis get its start?

Troubled restaurateur Thom Pham has been in the news after Mille Lacs County authorities charged him with writing $30,000 in bad checks. Which restaurant is NOT one of his creations?